Niurka Barroso

Photographer / Videographer

Niurka Barroso

Hello. Thank you for your interest.

I am a photographer specializing in architectural, portrait, documentary and fine art photography.

I graduated from Havana University with a degree in Classical Languages and worked twelve years at France Press Agency (AFP). During this time, I photographed renowned world personalities such as Former US President Jimmy Carter, Fidel Castro, Robert Redford and Steven Spielberg.

I was awarded the Casa de las Americas Award for Contemporary Photography, and am a member of Photographers without Borders. In 2018, I created “The Faces of Eve” project as part of the Global Women's movement and as a Tribute to the Power of the Women in Vero Beach, Florida.

Photography has helped me to observe and understand the world. Since 1997, I have produced several photographic essays dealing with humanitarian conflicts. I've explored topics about identity, displacement, diversity and marginals, such as disabled or terminally ill children, hippies and transvestites in the Cuban context, and the life of minority groups in Spain, the United States and Canada.

Beginning in 2005, needing to express my feelings and thoughts through photography, I began to use the human body as a canvas for symbolic expression. In this body of work, my personal and intimate history is related to concepts of identity, memory, and time and it reflects a wider subject: being human.

Below you'll find a few recent portrait photographs.