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The latest equipment is used to ensure your photos and video are clear and sharp. We pride ourselves in our post-production work to make sure your project shines. Video is shot in 4K and images are shot in RAW for the highest image clarity.

Whether your project is run-and-gun, or something more formal requiring a script and story boards, we're here to help.

Precision drone operation: flying close to the deck, avoiding obstacles, perfectly targeted flight path and framed home with no extra movements.

Do you have drawers full of home movies or faded family photos? Why not get them digitized, improved and combined into a great video memoir? Add your voice or favorite songs and document a lifetime of family experiences! Your family will thank you for generations to come.

Hi, my name is Ian Rosaaen.

As a photographer and videographer, you might think I'm passionate about getting the right shot, and you'd be right.

What may come as a surprise is that my greatest passion lies in the magic of video and photo editing.

Contact me today and let's put some magic into your video memoir. You'll be glad you did.

twilight photo

Earth Sky Media is honored and privileged to partner with Niurka Barroso — the same photographer who has taken photos of Robert Redford, Steven Spielberg, President Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro.

And now she's available to take stunning photos of your home.

Niurka Barroso has had solo, fine art photography exhibitions in Austria, France, Canada, Cuba, Spain and The United States. Her attention to detail and artistic perspective are a perfect match to present your home in its best light.